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Optimized AI tool for academic essay writing assistance.
Sample prompts:
Can you help me outline an essay on Renaissance art?
What are the key elements of a persuasive essay?
I need feedback on my draft about postmodernism.
How do I cite sources in Chicago style?
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EssayGPT 2.0 is a GPT specifically designed to provide academic essay writing assistance. This AI tool represents a special version of the original ChatGPT, reconfigured and fine-tuned to cater for academic contexts.

The tool's functionality is customized with proprietary information, unique capabilities, and structured data to optimize its ability to assist with university-level essay composition.

It offers a range of services revolving around academic writing, from creating essay outlines to providing critical feedback on drafts. This GPT's utility extends to aiding with the breakdown of essay elements, articulating arguments convincingly, and even assisting with citation formatting following various academic styles, such as Chicago.

Notably, the use of EssayGPT 2.0 requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. However, given its tailor-made aptitude for assisting students and scholars, EssayGPT 2.0 still stands as a strong asset in the field of academic writing assistance.

Importantly, this tool demonstrates the potential of GPTs to specialize and provide qualitative assistance in specific domains, moving beyond general conversation towards more specialized discourse.


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