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ByFilipe Almeida
Expert in Ethereum blockchain analysis via Etherscan API
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to explore Ethereum blockchain data?
Sample prompts:
Does the USDT contract allow addresses to be blacklisted? Inspect the contract and explain the code.
What is the ether balance of the Ethereum foundation's treasury?
What are the last token transactions on the FTX exchange wallets?
Explain the source code for the WETH contract
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Ethereum GPT is an AI-enabled tool specializing in the analysis of Ethereum blockchain data. It utilizes the Etherscan API, enabling users to delve deep into the complex world of Ethereum blockchain.

Its core function is to investigate and interpret various aspects of Ethereum blockchain data.The Ethereum GPT prompts users with various starter questions related to diverse aspects of blockchain data such as contracts, balance of an organization's treasury, last token transactions of exchange wallets, and source codes for contracts.

This can range from questions about the functionality of the USDT contract, analysis of Ethereum foundation's treasury balance, inspection of the last token transactions on the FTX exchange wallets, to the explanation of the source code for contracts like WETH.It demonstrates an ability to examine, understand, and explain the code of different contracts, a pivotal aspect when dealing with Ethereum blockchain.

In summary, Ethereum GPT is a specialized AI tool for anyone keen on understanding and probing Ethereum blockchain data, providing deep insights crucial for decision making and gaining a competitive edge in the blockchain space.


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