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Explore, interpret and visualize the Eurostat database.
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Sample prompts:
What was the unemployment rate in Germany last year?
Show me population balances by countries.
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Eurostat Explorer is a GPT that enables users to explore, interpret, and visualize data from the Eurostat database. This GPT is particularly useful for individuals and organizations that need to work with, or understand, European statistical data.

It has been designed to facilitate comprehension and interpretation of the data, while also making the visualization process more straightforward. To start an interaction with the Eurostat Explorer, users simply need to type a question or a command.

It can answer queries such as 'What was the unemployment rate in Germany last year?' or execute commands like 'Show me population balances by countries'.

This versatility makes it an efficient tool to extract key insights from the vast Eurostat database. The Eurostat Explorer GPT aims to provide a user-friendly interface for data analysis and exploration.

By simplifying the navigation and interpretation of Eurostat's wealth of statistical data, it's tailored to enhance productivity and streamline decision-making processes for businesses, researchers, or policymakers.

However, please note that use of the Eurostat Explorer requires ChatGPT Plus and it is advisable to sign up to chat in order to fully leverage its capabilities.


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