Economic analysis 2023-10-20
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BySandro Gvelesiani
Expert economist with access to real-time data.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm Expert Economist, ready to assist with your economic queries.
Sample prompts:
How is the current GDP of Japan?
Analyze recent trends in the US labor market.
What are the economic impacts of rising interest rates?
Explain the relationship between inflation and unemployment.
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Expert Economist is a GPT designed to provide insights and analysis in the field of economics. Its primary function is to support users with their economic enquiries, backed by real-time data access.

This GPT is characterized by its ability to grasp and analyze economic trends, including real-time metrics such as GDP. It can aid users in understanding complex economic phenomena in nations across the world.

For instance, it can provide insights relating to the relationship between inflation and unemployment, impacts of rising interest rates, or analyzing economic trends in certain labor markets.

Its versatile nature allows for a wide range of economic discussions, and its data-backed approach ensures reliability. In addition, this GPT features a welcoming interface that encourages users to ask various questions in economic domain such as 'How is the current GDP of Japan?' or 'Analyze recent trends in the US labor market.' Its worth noting that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus, which suggests a need for an account and potential subscription for enhanced capabilities.

The Expert Economist GPT stands as a competent tool for anyone looking to delve into, decipher, or discuss economic matters with a semblance of an expertly backed conversation.


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