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ByRemi Alao
Find better job openings tailored to your preferences and experience.
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Sample prompts:
Find me a job in tech.
How should I improve my resume?
What are common interview questions?
Suggest career paths for a marketing major.
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Find me a Better Job is a GPT that assists users in finding suitable job opportunities according to their experience and preferences. The GPT curates openings located in the user's city with a focus on ensuring they align with the user's career objectives, qualifications, and skill sets.

The functionality of this GPT extends beyond mere job hunting. It is designed to offer comprehensive career advice, which includes insightful tips on improving resumes, preparing for interviews, and suggesting potential career paths for different majors.

By integrating these services, the GPT aims to streamline the job search process and facilitate the user's professional development. To use this service, a subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required.

In addition to listing job openings, the GPT answers prompts like 'Find me a job in tech.', 'How should I improve my resume?', 'What are common interview questions?' and 'Suggest career paths for a marketing major.' These features make it a versatile tool for anyone looking to navigate their career journey more effectively.


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