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Assists with flooring choices and maintenance advice.
GPT welcome message: Hello! How can I assist you with your flooring questions today?
Sample prompts:
How do I clean porcelain tiles?
What's the difference between LVT and VCT?
Can you recommend a carpet for a high-traffic area?
Is click n' lock vinyl flooring good for kitchens?
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Flooring Advisor is a GPT that provides assistance and advice regarding various aspects of flooring. It helps users with critical decisions about their flooring choices and offers maintenance advice tailored to different types of flooring materials.

The tool can provide information and advice on a variety of topics, as evidenced by its prompt starters, which include queries about cleaning porcelain tiles, understanding the differences between LVT and VCT, carpet recommendations for high-traffic areas, and the suitability of click n' lock vinyl flooring for kitchens.

Thus, it has a wide range of usage from homeowners to professional interior designers who require practical advice and guidance. To access and use this tool, one needs to sign up to the platform.

After signing up, the GPT start with a welcome message asking how it can assist with flooring questions for the day. This interaction signifies user-specific customization, making the tool user-friendly and practical for wide application.

It should be noted that to use Flooring Advisor, the user requires ChatGPT Plus.


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