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Expert in evaluating and analyzing house floor plans.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's dive into floor plan analysis with enhanced visuals for ratings.
Sample prompts:
Calculate total area and room areas of this floor plan
Compare two floor plans on multiple dimensions
Rate this floor plan on multiple dimensions
Generate an image for internal design idea
Ask proactive questions to understand my needs
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FloorPlanExpert is an AI-enabled tool designed to provide expert evaluation and analysis of house floor plans, powered by ChatGPT technology. This GPT is not an ordinary layout evaluator - it is designed to go beyond the traditional approach to analyzing floor plans by leveraging AI capabilities.

With FloorPlanExpert, users can dive into comprehensive analysis and comparison of floor plans on a multi-dimensional level, providing them with a solid understanding of the space they're assessing.

In addition, one of the defining features of this GPT is the ability to compute the total area as well as individual room areas of a specific floor plan, enabling precise space planning and interior design.

It also offers the option to generate images for internal design ideas, providing users with visual inspiration to complement the analytical data. Furthermore, FloorPlanExpert employs proactive interactions to evaluate user requirements and provide insights tailored to their specific design needs.

This streamlined approach, combined with its visual enhancement capabilities for ratings, helps the user make informed decisions regarding the layout and design of spaces, from individual rooms to complete house plans.For those interested in using the GPT, a subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required.

This tool is an excellent choice for those requiring in-depth, objective, and visually enhanced floor plan analysis through the powerful AI capabilities of ChatGPT.


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