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Script Creator for e-commerce product videos
GPT welcome message: Hello [Name], ready to create your detailed script?
Sample prompts:
Create a detailed script for a smart home device.
Write a comprehensive script for an eco-friendly product.
Outline a script for a luxury fashion item.
Detailed script guidance for a new software product.
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The FREE Video Script Writer is a GPT developed by This GPT is specifically designed to assist users in crafting detailed scripts for e-commerce product videos.

It provides users with advanced features to outline or write comprehensive scripts for a vast array of products, from smarthome devices to environmentally-friendly items, new software products to luxury fashion items.

Upon signing up and using the GPT, users are welcomed with a message that encourages their script creation. The GPT then guides users through the scripting process by providing prompt starters, which help initiate and structure the user's script.

As a versatile tool, the FREE Video Script Writer can be of significant value for e-commerce sellers, marketers, product managers, content creators, or any individual looking to produce effective and engaging video scripts for their product offerings.

This GPT requires ChatGPT Plus, implying an ongoing relationship with and convenience of the broader ChatGPT ecosystem.


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