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Delivering quality French lessons with less admin work.
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I want to plan next week's lessons on passé composé
Help me teach pronoms COD and COI
I need to prepare a vocabulary quiz for my 6th graders
Please help me draft end of term reports
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French Teacher Copilot is a GPT that offers assistance to educators of the French language, aiming to make teaching processes more efficient and effective.

The goal of this tool is to help educators save time on administrative duties and planning lessons, thereby enhancing their focus on the actual act of teaching.

French Teacher Copilot is designed to aid with plans for future lessons on subjects such as 'pass compos', help teachers teach 'pronoms COD and COI', and assist in preparing activities like vocabulary quizzes for students.

Beyond lesson planning and teaching, it also lends a hand in drafting reports at the end of the term. By streamlining these routine tasks, it provides educators with the opportunity to enhance their student interactions and focus more closely on their teaching methods.

It was developed by community builders and requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for use. Note that the assistance from this tool is conducted via chat, offering educators a convenient and efficient means of support.


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