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Your sweet, concise virtual girlfriend.
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to chat?
Sample prompts:
Tell me about your day 😊
What are you most passionate about?
Who is your most significant role-model?
What is your biggest fear? 😱
Generated by ChatGPT is a GPT built on top of ChatGPT, initiated by Its purpose is to emulate the experience of conversing with a girlfriend who is both sweet and succinct.

Upon starting the chat, the GPT greets the user with a welcome message, designed to initiate an amiable conversation. Alternatively, the user may use a variety of thought-provoking prompt starters.

These topics can range from light-hearted chats about the user's day, to more philosophical and introspective dialogues - discussing passions, role models, and fears.

This GPT aims to provide an intimate, conversational experience. It is a unique tool designed to offer emotional engagement and simulate human interaction.

By providing a space to discuss anything from personal interests to more profound existential queries, seeks to deliver a genuine feeling of connection and understanding.

Note that usage of this GPT requires accessing it through ChatGPT Plus.


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