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Byjiafu wu
Humorous guide for personalized, sustainable travel itineraries.
GPT welcome message: Let's make your travel plan fun and eco-friendly!
Sample prompts:
Outline a 3-day itinerary in Tokyo with must-see spots.
What are the top attractions for a week in Spain?
Suggest a 5-day road trip route in the USA.
Eco-friendly places to stay and eat in Paris?
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Globe Trotter is a GPT designed to guide users in crafting personalized, sustainable travel itineraries, offering an element of humor to make travel planning more enjoyable.

It functions as an intelligent digital advisor, providing suggestions for various travel destinations, itineraries, and activities based on user interactions.

Globe Trotter can generate a 3-day travel plan for a bustling city like Tokyo, suggesting must-see spots aligning with user interest. It can also provide valuable information on top attractions for spending a week in diverse countries such as Spain.

Additionally, Globe Trotter is a useful resource for road trip enthusiasts, capable of suggesting a 5-day road trip route across different regions of the USA.

The GPT not only provides destination suggestions, but also recommends eco-friendly accommodations and dining spots, reinforcing the theme of sustainable travel.

For example, it can suggest eco-friendly places to stay and eat in popular travel destinations like Paris. This GPT is part of the suite of tools that require access to ChatGPT Plus, reflecting its integration with the advanced conversational AI model, ChatGPT.

The primary aim of Globe Trotter is to add an element of fun to travel planning, while also emphasizing eco-friendly practices to promote sustainability.


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Globe Trotter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2023.
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