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Providing Golang interview prep and mock interviews.
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Sample prompts:
Can you give me a Golang coding challenge?
Simulate a Golang interview.
How can I improve this Golang code?
What's a common Golang interview question?
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The Golang Interview Assistant is a GPT that caters to users who are seeking to prepare for their upcoming Golang (Go language) interviews. It offers a range of services which include providing Golang interview preparation resources and conducting mock interviews in a simulated environment.

To initiate a session, users can start with prompt starters such as 'Can you give me a Golang coding challenge?', 'Simulate a Golang interview.', 'How can I improve this Golang code?', or 'What's a common Golang interview question?'.

These prompts enable the service to provide a responsive and adaptive interview preparation experience. For instance, it can provide code challenges to test the user's Go language coding skills or help improve their existing code by suggesting enhanced solutions or identifying potential areas of improvement.

It can also simulate a Golang interview scenario to give users a better understanding of what to expect going into such interviews. As this GPT runs atop the ChatGPT, it requires ChatGPT Plus for optimal operation.

This AI tool demonstrates an innovative use case of AI, specifically in the area of interview preparation, extending beyond conventional use-cases and helping candidates prepare for specific technical interviews.


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Golang Interview Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2024.
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