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Visualize charts and graphs from data input.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Need help with data visualization?
Sample prompts:
Please provide file and field name for me to start
What Excel chart type do I support?
I don't have file, can you search it for me?
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GPTChart is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) developed by with a specific focus on data visualization. It is designed to accept data inputs from the user to subsequently generate and visualize charts and graphs, thus aiding in detailed and insightful data analysis.

This tool operates within the ChatGPT environment and is therefore, required to have ChatGPT Plus.GPTChart can be particularly helpful in providing visual context to large datasets, making it easier for users to interpret complex information, uncover patterns, and draw conclusions.

The types of charts supported by the tool include, but are not limited to, various Excel chart types. The tool is capable of constructing these visualizations from data provided directly by the user or from files sourced as per users instructions.

One of the standout features of GPTChart is its interactive user assistance. Upon launching, the tool displays a welcoming message, offering help with data visualization.

It guides users with prompt starters; for instance, it asks for the file and corresponding field name to begin the data visualization process. Additionally, if the user does not have a file at hand, GPTChart offers to find the required file itself according to the details provided by the user.

In summary, GPTChart is a GPT that facilitates data representation through charts, enabling users to conduct a comprehensive, nuanced analysis of the information.


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Mar 26, 2024
Dumber than a box of hair. Asked for a break even analysis chart. Fed it clear fixed costs, variable costs, net operating income AND ROI percentages. Even hinted that the break even point was between years six and seven. Dude took five minutes to draw a line across the "0" plane labeled "costs" and a revenue line crossing through where I suggested the break even point is. The scale was between 0.2-1.6 USD. No, I am not running a business for ants.
Dec 27, 2023
Nepal Trade Balance - Historical Data Year Billions of US $ % of GDP 2022 $-14.65B -35.88% 2021 $-12.12B -32.82% 2020 $-9.13B -27.31% 2019 $-11.52B -33.69% 2018 $-10.87B -32.82% 2017 $-8.41B -29.02% 2016 $-6.32B -25.76% 2015 $-6.39B -26.24%

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