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ByLim Chiew Hui
Corrects grammar, replies with corrected sentences only.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Send a sentence and I'll correct its grammar.
Sample prompts:
Please correct this sentence:
Fix the grammar here:
Can you correct the grammar of this?
Grammar check needed for:
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GrammarGuru is a GPT that focuses on grammar correction. It is designed to interact with the user by receiving sentences, processing them, and then providing the grammatically corrected variants.

Every interaction is driven towards improving the overall writing quality by rectifying all grammar errors. GrammarGuru is beneficial in minimizing common mistakes and enhancing sentence structure, thereby leading to better clarity.

Its primary function is to offer an interactive platform where users can improve their grammar usage. users initiate the interaction with the GPT by requesting grammar correction through prompt starters such as 'Please correct this sentence:', 'Fix the grammar here:', 'Can you correct the grammar of this?', or 'Grammar check needed for:'.

GrammarGuru then replies with the corrected sentence, thus making it an efficient tool for learning and reinforcing the rules of grammar in everyday writing.

Please note that the GrammarGuru GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for successful operation.


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