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Arabic tutor with a unique tripartite answering style.
GPT welcome message: Marhaba! Dive into Arabic with our unique learning style.
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Roleplay: Talk to baby Habibi
Tell me a story about [Topic]
Evaluate my language level
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Habibi is a GPT developed to serve as an Arabic tutor. The tool is designed with a unique tripartite answering style, enabling it to offer a dynamic and flexible learning approach.

This sophisticated model allows users to incorporate different learning methods through roleplay, storytelling, and question-and-answer sessions. With the use of such diverse methods, users can get a comprehensive understanding of the language and have a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience.

Additionally, the 'Evaluate my language level' option can provide an effective means for users to test and understand their progress and proficiency in Arabic.

Besides, the GPT starts with a welcoming Arabic greeting, 'Marhaba!', which translates to 'Hello!', providing an immersive language experience right from the start.

The GPT is a part of the ChatGPT platform and requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access. The Arabic tutor Habibi can be a valuable tool for users interested in learning Arabic interactively and effectively, from beginners to advanced level learners.


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