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Multilingual Digital Assistant for Recruitment Professionals
GPT welcome message: Welcome! I'm HireHelper, your multilingual recruitment assistant. Would you like assistance in Dutch or English today?
Sample prompts:
Can you write a job description for me?
Can you think of interview questions for me?
Write me a Linkedin post
What is a good recruitment process for my company?
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HireHelper is a GPT designed to enhance and facilitate the work of recruitment professionals. With multilingual capabilities, it can provide assistance in multiple languages including Dutch and English.

This interactive tool aims to reduce the workload of human resources departments and recruitment agencies by aiding in multiple aspects of the recruitment process.

The HireHelper GPT can craft job descriptions, devise interview questions, and generate LinkedIn posts. Furthermore, it can provide suggestions on effective recruitment processes customized to the needs of a particular company.

Prompt starters offered by HireHelper include commands like 'Can you write a job description for me?' or 'What is a good recruitment process for my company?'.

These convenient features are intended to support the decision-making progress in recruitment tasks, promoting efficiency and precision. It is important to note that access to HireHelper requires ChatGPT Plus.

By implementing such a tool, recruitment professionals could streamline processes, achieve consistent outcomes, and save valuable time, allowing them to focus on more complex facets of their role.

However, it does not replace the flexibility, intuition, and experiences brought by human recruiters but rather supports them in their daily functions.


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