Hunting planning 2023-10-22
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Retrieves hunting-related data for each state.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ask me about hunting stats and license details.
Sample prompts:
What are the are the harvest stats for elk in Colorado.
What's the success rate for moose hunting in Alaska?
Detail preference points for bighorn sheep in Montana.
List the hunt codes in Colorado that had the most action for elk in 2023.
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Hunting Planner is a GPT specifically designed to assist in planning and data analysis related to hunting activities across the United States. This tool offers the functionality to bring forth detailed and reliable hunting-related data for every single state.

Its core features include in-depth statistical analysis of hunting trends. Moreover, it is equipped to provide information about hunting stats and licensing details.

For instance, harvest stats for elk in Colorado, the success rate for moose hunting in Alaska, preference points details for bighorn sheep in Montana, and the most active hunt codes in Colorado for an elk in a specific year, are all topics within its purview.

As it's built on the ChatGPT platform, the Hunting Planner GPT requires signing up to the ChatGPT Plus for access. This currently beta-stage tool hosted by boasts of its ability to provide insightful data, proving to be a valuable resource for hunters and enthusiasts preparing for their hunting trips or researching hunting trends and patterns.

Please note that it's in the testing phase, and certain features might undergo improvement and changes over time.


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