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Provides creative icebreakers for your meetings
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Suggest an icebreaker for a creative team meeting.
Create an icebreaker for a hybrid meeting.
Design an icebreaker for a short online meeting.
Propose an icebreaker for a large group.
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Icebreaker Wizard is a GPT that is especially designed to provide creative icebreaker suggestions for various types of meetings. Whether you're coordinating a creative team brainstorm, managing a hybrid meeting, orchestrating a short online meetup, or facilitating a large group gathering, this GPT tool can assist you in launching your meeting with an engaging and appropriate icebreaker.

By inputting the details of your session into the GPT, you can generate an icebreaker that is tailored to the specific nature of your meeting. This interactive and intuitive GPT tool from is designed to work in tandem with ChatGPT Plus.

With a user-friendly interface and versatile functionality, Icebreaker Wizard aims to enhance meeting productivity and participant engagement by breaking the ice in an original and fitting manner.

The tool is updated regularly and needs a signup to be used. Despite the tool's advanced functionalities, it is noted for its ease of use, making it an accessible option for meeting facilitators of all levels of experience.

Therefore, if you're looking for an innovative tool that can help to improve the dynamics of your meetings, Icebreaker Wizard might be the GPT tool you're seeking.


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