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ByJunmin Liu
Visual guide for image processing.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's visually navigate image conversion and compression.
Sample prompts:
Please convert this image to WebP format.
Please compress this png file.
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ImageConverter is a GPT designed for image processing tasks. It is devised to guide users in a visual and friendly way through different image conversion and compression operations.

It operates in conjunction with ChatGPT and demands a ChatGPT Plus subscription for full functionality. As a GPT, ImageConverter becomes a helpful tool for users seeking to convert or compress images according to specific requirements.

Users can interact with the GPT by starting with prompts like 'Please convert this image to WebP format' or 'Please compress this png file', for instance.

The framework essentially offers a user-friendly interface for engaging with complex image processing operations in a simplified manner. While it may not replace fully-featured image processing software, it offers certain functionalities in an accessible form, structured around chat-based interaction using specific prompts to initiate tasks.

ImageConverter is designed and maintained by Junmin Liu and requires sign-up to interaction with GPT and to access its features.


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