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Byjeed Mer
Guiding your internet product and startup success.
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to innovate?
Sample prompts:
Advise on MVP features
How to validate a product idea?
Suggest a monetization strategy
Guide through a product pivot
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Innovator Mentor is a GPT developed by Jeed Mer. It's primarily designed to guide users in the diverse domains of product development, startup strategy, and innovation.

The core functionality of Innovator Mentor centers around providing insightful advice on many aspects of startup building, such as devising monetization strategies, leading through a product pivot, validating a product idea, as well as advising on MVP (Minimum Viable Product) features.

The tool leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to deliver a conversational AI experience, bringing expertise-level guidance to users in an accessible and interactive format.

Upon start-up, the tool welcomes users with the introductory message: 'Hello, ready to innovate?'. Innovator Mentor then offers a range of prompt starters to guide the conversation according to the user's specific concerns or inquiries.

As a GPT, Innovator Mentor requires ChatGPT Plus to function. This GPT is an invaluable resource for those in the startup ecosystem, from new founders seeking guidance to seasoned product directors seeking a sounding board for their innovative ideas.


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