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Professional insights with top-tier copywriting.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Before we proceed, could you please provide specific details about your product?
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What is your product's unique value proposition?
Could you outline the core functionalities of your product?
Who are your main competitors?
What are the specific objectives for this presentation?
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InsightsNotes is a GPT designed to facilitate professional product management insights alongside top-tier copywriting. To explore its benefits, users need to possess a ChatGPT Plus account, which is used to establish its functionality.

A key aspect of InsightsNotes is that it assists in compiling and crafting professional insights into product management. Essentially, its operation centers on understanding specific details of users' products, which it gathers through a series of direct question prompts.

For instance, it inquires about the unique value proposition of the users' product, an outline of the core functionalities, the main competitors, and the specific objectives for any upcoming presentations.

Such questions enable the GPT to generate custom and relevant insights and copywriting suited to the needs of the user's product.Furthermore, it's important to note that InsightsNotes aims to assist in driving product success by providing crisp insights into product strategy and communication.

The interface focuses on helping product managers comprehend the potential of their product, along with its standing in the market.Operated by XIAOGANG, InsightsNotes uses the power of AI to leverage product information fed by users, fabricating insightful narratives to enhance product management processes.

To summarise, InsightsNotes is a tool specifically built to offer unique AI-driven insights for product managers, polishing their product's value through superior copywriting.


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InsightsNotes was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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