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Interactive Q&A for Learning is a GPT designed to aid in learning new concepts through an iterative process of questioning, understanding, and filling knowledge gaps.

It operates with an aim to facilitate a deeper comprehension of topics or concepts by encouraging users to repeatedly inquire until the gaps in their understanding are filled.

The tool is built on top of ChatGPT, therefore it requires ChatGPT Plus, indicating that the GPT comes with advanced features and capabilities. This GPT serves as an interactive learning aide where the learning process is centred around continual questions.

It prompts users with 'What are you trying to learn about?' as a starting point to dive into the journey of exploration. Designed by, this educational tool enriches a user's learning experience by leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

The GPT's model of recursive questioning and assisting aims to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the concept under study, making it a potential asset for autodidacts, enthusiastic learners, students, or anyone looking to solidify their understanding on a particular topic.

The tool's integral feature lies in its scaffolding mechanism which helps users build on their existing knowledge whilst interpolating missing information for a holistic comprehension.

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