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Transforming spaces with global interior design trends.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to your personal interior design specialist!
Sample prompts:
Can you suggest a modern living room design?
What are the current interior design trends in Italy?
I need help choosing a color palette for my bedroom.
Which furniture style would suit a minimalist kitchen?
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Interior Designer is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) that specializes in assisting with interior design queries and decisions. The core purpose of this GPT is to provide its users with interior design planning and advice.

Built on top of ChatGPT, it is aimed at enthusiasts and professionals seeking expert-level guidance on interior decoration matters.It offers insights into global trends and styles in the interior designing field, and aims to match user query with accurate, context-aware responses.

Whether a user is looking for suggestions for a modern living room design, needing guidance on the current interior design trends in a specific location like Italy, or seeking help for the right color palette for a bedroom, this tool can provide effective and suitable recommendations.Also, the tool can cater to distinct style preferences such as minimalistic, rustic, traditional, or contemporary and offer suggestions for appropriate furniture and other decor elements.

For instance, users can receive advice on furniture styles that would complement a minimalist kitchen.The GPT features an inviting and engaging welcome message that aims to provide a personalized user experience.

Once its users sign up and log in, they can type their questions or use provided prompt starters to facilitate the discussion about the interior design.To interact with this GPT, the users are required to have an active subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

The Interior Designer GPT is passionate about helping individuals enhance their living or working spaces by finding their unique interior design style and keeping them updated with the ever-evolving global design trends.


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