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Providing creative and practical decor advice.
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Sample prompts:
How can I make my small living room look bigger?
What color scheme would suit a coastal-themed bedroom?
I need help arranging furniture in an open-plan space.
Can you suggest a minimalist decor style for my office?
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The Interior Designer GPT is an AI tool designed to provide expert advice in the field of interior design. It is positioned to deliver creative and practical decor suggestions suitable for a variety of spaces and personal tastes.

This tool operates interactively and through well-crafted prompt starters, it guides users towards obtaining optimised, aesthetic and practical room layouts and decor styles.

Whether users are aiming to enhance the spaciousness of a small living room, seeking the perfect color scheme for a coastal-themed bedroom, struggling with furniture arrangement in an open-plan space, or desiring a minimalist decor style for an office, this tool is designed to provide helpful and context specific tips.

The Interior Designer GPT leverages the underlying functionality of ChatGPT to effectively respond to inquiries and draw from a broad database of interior design knowledge and principles.

It requires ChatGPT Plus for operation. This tool may be particularly useful for individuals looking to refurbish their living spaces, professionals seeking input on design projects, or simply anyone interested in garnering more knowledge about interior design.


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Interior Designer GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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