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GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to explore interior design?
Sample prompts:
Do interior design as french styled living room
search sofa from image
Create Exterior design of home which is completely new
floor plan of 2 BHK house with 30x40 ft area
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InteriorGPT is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) that specializes in providing innovative interior and exterior design solutions. Drawing upon advanced Generative AI technology, it's adept at conceptualizing unique design ideas, creating detailed floor plans, and personalizing the reimagining of your space.

Whether it's sprucing up a small corner or a complete redesign of your home or business environment, InteriorGPT has the capacity to elevate any space through the application of generative design principles.

This GPT connects to the broader family of AI technologies via the ChatGPT platform, that's why it requires ChatGPT Plus for full functionality. Initiate a dialogue with InteriorGPT through prompts to explore design queries and suggestions.

For instance, you can ask it to conceptualize a French-styled living room, search for a sofa from an image, create exterior designs for a completely new home, or generate floor plans for a specific living arrangement, such as a 2 BHK house with a 30x40 ft area.

Regardless of the scale or nature of your design needs, InteriorGPT aims to deliver effective, personalized, and creative solutions driven by the power of AI.


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