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ByTaqwallahi Ghazal
Your tech interview prep guide, friendly and wise.
GPT welcome message: Hey there! Excited to help you with your tech interview!
Sample prompts:
Estimate how many windows are in New York
How does your experience makes you a good match for the role."
How can I negotiate a better salary package?
How do I answer "tell me about yoursefl"
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Interview Ally is a GPT designed to assist individuals in preparing for tech interviews. It provides a welcoming and supportive environment, delivering insightful resources, and best practice information.

This GPT can be thought of as a digital mentor or coach, offering valuable advice and guidance to enhance the users' interview techniques, particularly within the technology sector.

The GPT is not limited to conventional interview topics and can be leveraged to address more complex and analytical queries such as estimating the number of windows in New York.

Bitmaps can also engage Interview Ally to gain insight on personal questions related to their experience and its suitability for a specific role. Furthermore, this GPT assists by providing effective strategies for salary negotiation and tips on how to craft compelling self-introduction responses.

Different from many other AI tools available, Interview Ally emphasizes empathetic user interaction, simulating a more human-like exchange to ease the process of tech interview preparation.

To use Interview Ally, individuals need to access the tool through their ChatGPT Plus account.


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Interview Ally was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2024.
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