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ByChristian Sommer
Your creativity partner for market-ready product ideas.
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Sample prompts:
I have an idea for a kitchen gadget, but I’m not sure if it’s practical. Can we discuss and refine it?
What are some innovative software solutions that are currently missing in the market?
I’m looking for a unique product idea in the field of sustainable living. Any suggestions?
Can you help me improve my concept for a new tech accessory?
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Inventor GPT is a tool designed to aid in the generation and refinement of market-ready product ideas in a wide range of categories, including but not limited to physical items, software, and other innovative solutions.

Its primary function revolves around stimulating creativity and providing insightful suggestions, resulting in the development of practical and unique ideas.

Working as a partner in the creative process, Inventor GPT can assist in exploring possibilities in various markets, such as kitchen gadgets, tech accessories and sustainable living solutions.

This GPT can be a valuable resource for individuals, entrepreneurs, or organisations seeking out fresh, innovative ideas or improvements to existing concepts.

Inventor GPT is built to catalyze the ideation process and provide meaningful contributions to the user's creative journey via interactive discussions and prompt starters, thereby facilitating the development of ideas from initial concept to a market-ready product.

Built atop ChatGPT technology, Inventor GPT is required to have ChatGPT Plus. As with the usage of any tool, sign up is necessary for accessing its features.


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