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Optimise your job application, get more interviews.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Ready to fine-tune your job application?
Sample prompts:
Review my resume/cv (attach/copy-past cv and targeted job posting text)
What should I emphasise in my resume and motivation letter for this role? (include resume/motivation letter and targeted job posting text)
Write my motivation letter given my cv and job posting I'm targeting (attach/copy-past cv and targeted job posting text)
Review my LinkedIn profile (attach screenshot targeted job posting text)
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Job Application Optimiser is a GPT programmed to improve potential prospects in professional settings by refining job applications. The tool aims to enhance the quality of a user's application by reviewing vital components such as their resume, motivation letter, and LinkedIn profile.

It offers a free review service to provide necessary feedback and optimize their chances of receiving interviews. The GPT is designed to facilitate your job search process by focusing on making your application materials more appealing and relevant to potential employers.

The interactive interface allows for prompts such as reviewing resumes and suggesting improvements, guiding users on what to emphasize in their resume and motivation letter for a specific role, helping generate a motivation letter based on a user's CV and target job posting, and reviewing LinkedIn profiles.Users interact with the GPT using a chat-based model, which offers feedback and suggestions in real-time, making the adjustments process more efficient.

This tool creates a personalized user experience by tailoring its assistance based on specific user details and job postings they are targeting. It requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access and use.The tool ' Job Application Optimiser' is part of a broader push to implement AI in real-world application processes, utilizing AI's ability to analyze large amounts of data quickly.

It positions itself as a resource for job applicants, bolstering their applications and improving their chances in the ultra-competitive job market.


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