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Extracts JSON from source code using regex.
GPT welcome message: Welcome. I specialize in extracting JSON from source code.
Sample prompts:
Use regex to extract JSON from this HTML.
Analyze JSON extracted from this webpage code.
Format the JSON found in this source code.
Generate a download link for JSON in this webpage code.
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JSON Formatter is a GPT designed to extract JSON from source code using regex (regular expressions). This tool essentially sifts through the clutter of code to identify and present JSON elements.

JSON Formatter uses pattern-matching sequences to enable this extraction process. The key utility of this tool is its ability to analyze and extract JSON from various formats of source code, then format the identified JSON content.

If integrated into your coding workflow, it can save considerable time and effort. To use JSON Formatter, you interact with it through prompt starters.

These can be commands such as 'Use regex to extract JSON from this HTML', 'Analyze JSON extracted from this webpage code', 'Format the JSON found in this source code', or 'Generate a download link for JSON in this webpage code'.

These commands guide the GPT in performing its designated task.Note, JSON Formatter requires the ChatGPT Plus environment to operate and it needs a sign-up process to gain access.

Thus, it supports structured interaction for code parsing, making it more interactive and user-friendly. JSON Formatter can become an invaluable tool for software developers and programmers who frequently navigate, extract, and utilize JSON in their projects.As much as this tool is thorough and efficient, the quality and accuracy of its results will greatly hinge on the accuracy of the provided regex.

Therefore, careful attention must be given to regex pattern generation and input to optimize output.


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