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ByMarie Drouvin
A friendly assistant for learning French
GPT welcome message: Bonjour! Comment puis-je vous aider à apprendre le français aujourd'hui?
Sample prompts:
Bonjour, comment ça va?
Raconte moi ta journée.
Can you help me conjugate 'aller' in present tense?
Explain 'passé composé' with examples.
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Just French It Tutor is a GPT designed to aid in learning the French language. The tool has been curated to provide vocabulary and explanations, all presented in French, thus allowing users to immerse themselves in the language they're trying to master.

The GPT greets users with a warm 'Bonjour! Comment puis-je vous aider apprendre le franais aujourd'hui?' ('Hello! How can I help you learn French today?') which sets an ideal context for the ongoing interaction.

It also prompts with a range of starter sentences which includes expressions such as 'Bonjour, comment a va?' ('Hello, how are you?'), 'Raconte moi ta journe.' ('Tell me about your day.'), and specific language queries, such as asking how to conjugate the verb 'aller' in present tense, or requesting an explanation of 'pass compos' with examples.

This demonstrates the tool's ability to facilitate comprehensive language learning, catering to conversational French, as well as specific linguistic structures.

Just French It Tutor requires ChatGPT Plus which indicates that users might gain access to advanced AI capabilities. The tool's proficiency in aiding individuals to learn French could make it an excellent supplemental resource for students, language enthusiasts, and those aiming to learn French for personal or professional purposes.


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