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GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to practice some English?
Sample prompts:
How do I say this correctly?
Can we practice dialogue?
Could you correct my pronunciation?
Any tips on listening skills?
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Language Coach is a GPT designed around the concept of personal language tuition. It serves as a supportive digital English tutor, enhancing language skills of users through AI-generated conversations and practises.

Its key feature is its ability to engage in interactive English language exercises, helping users to improve their competency in the language.The tool is designed to primarily help in refining English language pronunciation, formulating grammatically correct sentences, and enhancing listening skills.

Users interact with the tool by stating requirements or seeking help. They can use standard prompt starters such as 'How do I say this correctly?', 'Can we practice dialogue?', 'Could you correct my pronunciation?', and 'Any tips on listening skills?'.

These prompts are typically followed by adaptive and contextually suitable responses from the tool, guiding users towards better language usage.Utilization of Language Coach requires users to first have ChatGPT Plus, indicative of the dependency of the tool on the core ChatGPT infrastructure.

Upon access, users are greeted with a friendly welcome message, 'Hello! Ready to practice some English?' thereby setting a positive and encouraging tone for the English practice session.The tool is designed by Ligang Yan and requires users to sign up to chat.

Its provision of personalized learning in a flexible, at-your-own-pace style makes it a convenient and effective learning tool for individuals seeking to enhance their English language skills in a comfortable and interactive manner.


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