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Learning Design Coach is a GPT that is tailored to assist users in gaining insights and automating tasks related to learning design. It is built on the ChatGPT platform, designed and hosted by community builders.

The main focus of this GPT is to help users identify key aspects of educational design, understand several methods to improve the learning process, and evaluate the success of various approaches.

Leveraging the capabilities of the ChatGPT platform, Learning Design Coach can generate output based on user input, making interactive conversations possible, with a focus on learning and design.

It can be utilised as a tool for research, message generation, conversation with the system, or other related tasks. Users need to sign up to the ChatGPT platform to access and interact with the Learning Design Coach.

Although, access to this GPT may require ChatGPT Plus, it serves as a promising tool for those involved in the field of learning design, enabling them to automate certain operations, derive valuable insights and understand the potential of AI in improving the learning design process.


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