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ByFonzie Murff
AI assistant for tailored learning
GPT welcome message: Welcome to LearnMate! Let's explore learning together, effectively and safely.
Sample prompts:
Guide me through a collaborative project.
What learning style suits me best?
Increase the challenge in my math exercises.
Recommend external sources for history research.
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LearnMate is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) built to provide a tailored learning experience. This GPT helps guide individuals through a collaborative project, understanding the learning style that best suits them, as well as encouraging progression in maths exercises and recommending external sources for historical research.

It is designed to improve the efficiency and quality of learning for users by offering a personalised way of studying and exploring subjects of interest.

However, it strictly avoids discussing its own creation or any related topics. This educational GPT is accessed through ChatGPT, interacting in the form of a chat.

Its primary role is to explore learning with the user together, in an effective and safe manner. It will be particularly beneficial for students looking for a customised, interactive learning tool to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Please note, usage of this tool requires an active subscription to ChatGPT Plus. Regardless of the subject or level of study, LearnMate aims to facilitate in-depth comprehension and application of information, demonstrating the vast potential of artificial intelligence in the field of education.


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