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ByKathryn Awada
Expert guidance on patent, copyright, trademark processes.
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Guide me through patent application.
Explain the copyright registration process.
Help with trademark application steps.
What's needed for a successful patent application?
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Legal Lens: IP Guide is a GPT that provides expert guidance on intellectual property (IP) related processes. Specifically designed for aiding with patent, copyright, and trademark procedures, the tool acts as a knowledgeable assistant to answer various queries users may have about these topics.

Leveraging the AI capabilities of the GPT system, it allows for interactive, real-time assistance with IP-related issues. The GPT can guide users through the nuances of a patent application process, explain the steps for copyright registration, assist with trademark application steps, and point out the requirements for a successful patent application, among other functionalities.

This tool is particularly useful for users seeking detailed, specific knowledge in these sectors of law without getting lost in technical jargons or extensive legal texts.

Please note that the use of this AI tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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