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English Teacher for Vocal Improvement in ChatGPT App
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to improve your English speaking skills?
Sample prompts:
Can you help me with my pronunciation?
What's a better way to phrase this sentence?
I'm struggling with English idioms. Can you explain some?
How can I make my speech more fluent and natural?
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Linguist Coach is a GPT designed to enhance English language skills, particularly focusing on vocal proficiency. It is developed to function with the ChatGPT app and is aimed at individuals seeking assistance in improving their English speaking abilities.

The Linguist Coach supports its users by offering guidance on various aspects of English language learning like pronunciation, sentence construction, understanding idioms, and building fluency in speech.

The questions 'Can you help me with my pronunciation?', 'What's a better way to phrase this sentence?', 'I'm struggling with English idioms. Can you explain some?', 'How can I make my speech more fluent and natural?' serve as the prompt starters that steer the AI-guided conversation, facilitating an interactive and engaging learning process.This GPT utilizes the capabilities of the AI to help users gain comfort and dexterity in English speaking.

Using this tool, learners can get direct, personalized feedback for refining their language skills. Designed by Tomofumi Honda, the Linguist Coach requires the user to sign up for ChatGPT Plus to leverage the GPT's full extent of features.

It's an ideal tool for individuals seeking flexible, personalized, and guided assistance in enhancing the nuances of their spoken English skills. This GPT is integrated within the ChatGPT app and works by responding to user's queries and providing constructive inputs that aid English learning.


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