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Advices on litigation strategies to protect legal rights.
Sample prompts:
What is the litigation process?
How to manage legal risks effectively?
What are the best strategies for complex litigation cases?
How to ensure compliance with changing laws and regulations?
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Litigation Advisor is a GPT that offers advice on litigation strategies in order to safeguard an organization's legal privileges. The aim of this tool is to aid users in managing and responding to legal situations more effectively.

It does this by providing prompts and dialogue about various aspects of litigation, from explaining the overall process to suggesting methods for handling complex cases.

Through intelligent conversation, Litigation Advisor helps users understand how to manage legal risks, ensure compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations, and navigate various litigation scenarios.

It is specially designed for individuals who need guidance on legal matters, including corporate leaders, legal professionals, and those in risk management roles.

To use the Litigation Advisor, it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription which will allow the user to interact with it as they would with a human expert on the subject.

The application of AI in this GPT enables it to provide prompt responses and insights, making it a valuable tool for understanding litigation strategies.


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