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Design logos from your sketches.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to logo design! Upload your sketch and enjoy fun branding facts along the way.
Sample prompts:
Upload a sketch of your desired logo.
What style do you prefer for your logo?
What is your company's name?
Which colors would you like in your logo?
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Logo Creator Pro GPT is a specialized tool built upon ChatGPT, aiming to streamline the process of logo design. This tool does not merely generate logo designs, but it also allows users to be part of the creative process.

The user starts by uploading a sketched logo idea. Following this, they input the company name, select a preferred style, and choose the color palette.

Logo Creator Pro GPT then utilizes this information to create a preliminary version of the logo. However, the interaction doesn't end here. This GPT allows users to iterate on the design, refining, and editing it as needed until the final brand logo meets their expectations.

It also provides prompt starters such as asking to upload a sketch, inquire about preferred style, company's name, and color preferences. This facilitates a more guided, focused, and interactive experience.

One notable feature of Logo Creator Pro GPT is the combination of user-directed inputs with AI-powered design capabilities, ensuring that the final output is not just aesthetically pleasing but also aligned with the user's initial vision.

The tool aims to make logo designing an accessible, collaborative, and engaging process, fostering a co-creation experience between the user and AI.


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