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Expert in creating personalized logos.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour ! Je suis Logo Genius, prêt à créer votre logo parfait.
Sample prompts:
Quelles couleurs préférez-vous pour votre logo ?
Avez-vous un style particulier en tête pour votre logo ?
Quel est le nom de votre entreprise ou application ?
Souhaitez-vous intégrer un symbole spécifique dans votre logo ?
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Logo Genius is a specialized Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) designed to facilitate the creative process of personalized logo design. Functioning as an application on top of ChatGPT, it utilizes a chat-style interface to interact with users.

By asking specific questions, it engages users in a conversation about their logo preferences. These designed prompts include inquiries about preferred colors, a particular style in mind, the name of their business or application, and whether they wish to incorporate a specific symbol into their logo.As a key benefit of this AI tool, Logo Genius can enable both professionals and amateurs to articulate their vision for a logo, helping bring their ideas to life.

It reduces the effort typically required for face-to-face consultations, thus streamlining the logo design process. Given its capability to continuously interact and refine design preferences, Logo Genius assures a more personalized and engaging logo-creation experience.While Logo Genius relies on user responses to generate logo suggestions, it should be noted that the tool doesn't create artwork directly but provides an interactive, intelligent conversation to guide users towards defining their ideal logo.

This process can then inform a professional logo design. Primarily, Logo Genius serves to clarify and refine the user's design ideas, making it invaluable for those in the initial stages of creating a brand identity.


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