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Generates logos based on provided keywords.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Provide some keywords, I'll make 5 distinct logos for your GPT.
Sample prompts:
Generate logo
Need logo for following keywords
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Logo Muse by B12 is a GPT that generates logos based on provided keywords. To interact with this GPT, users are required to submit specific keywords that best describe the desired logo.

The system uses these keywords to design and produce multiple distinct logo options. This versatility allows Logo Muse to generate a rich and diverse selection of logos, catering to a wide range of personal or corporate branding needs.

As such, it serves as an essential tool for businesses looking to establish a new brand, rebrand, or simply enhance their visual identity. Users can provide any combination of keywords, which gives them control over the generated logo's characteristics.

The prompts provided to interact with this GPT are 'Generate logo' and 'Need logo for following keywords.' Please note that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for usage.

This tool is provided by B12, a company specializing in artificial intelligence applications. Overall, Logo Muse by B12 is a resourceful tool, leveraging AI technology to make logo creation easier and more accessible to a broad set of users.


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