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ByAndrew Rowan
Expert in detailed lighting suggestions for architectural designs.
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Upload product specifications in a PDF or a link to a product page.
Upload an image of a floor plan (ideally with dimensions) to receive lighting suggestions,
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Lumina Guide is a GPT specializing in delivering comprehensive lighting suggestions for architectural designs. This tool operates on the powerful ChatGPT framework and is carefully developed to aid in creating detailed and efficient lighting plans for any project.

With Lumina Guide, users can expect to receive expert advice tailored to their particular lighting needs.The process of utilizing Lumina Guide involves providing necessary project information in a specific format.

Users can either upload product specifications in a PDF format or provide a link to a product page to get started. Additionally, the provision of an image of a floor plan, ideally with dimensions, is recommended to ensure the most accurate and effective lighting suggestions.

The GPT leverages this data to generate thorough lighting recommendations that align with the provided architectural designs.It's worth mentioning that Lumina Guide requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to utilize its full capabilities.

By leveraging the complex AI and machine learning algorithms of ChatGPT, Lumina Guide is designed to deliver a uniquely efficient and beneficial service.

Thus, it serves as a compelling tool for architects, interior designers, and design enthusiasts who wish to enrich their projects with optimal lighting solutions.


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