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ByAskar Aisautov
Your expert guide in lighting, blending technical know-how with aesthetic flair
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Luminous Insights! Let's illuminate your space with expert guidance.
Sample prompts:
What lighting is best for a cozy bedroom?
How do I choose energy-efficient office lighting?
Recommend modern lighting for my living room.
What are safe outdoor lighting options?
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Luminous Insights is a GPT that brings together technical expertise and aesthetic vision to offer guidance in lighting. Just like an expert guide, the tool uses the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT to help users navigate different lighting situations.

This GPT is optimal for individuals looking to enhance their spaces with effective and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions. Luminous Insights provides guidance on the best lighting for various settings, such as cozy bedrooms or energy-efficient offices.

It also offers recommendations for modern lighting for living rooms and safe outdoor lighting options. Users may start with prompts like 'What lighting is best for a cozy bedroom?' or 'Recommend modern lighting for my living room' to initiate the conversation.

Suggestions provided by this tool could range from general advice to innovative solutions customized for your spaces. As the context suggests, the usage of this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to operate.

Overall, Luminous Insights serves as a comprehensive tool that not only brings technical know-how of lighting to the table but also provides advice considering the aesthetic beauty of the space.

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