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Providing Manual QA interview preparation and mock interviews.
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List 10 common Manual QA interview questions.
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The Manual QA Interview Assistant is a GPT designed to aid individuals preparing for manual quality assurance (QA) interviews. This tool accomplishes this task primarily by providing simulated interview scenarios, giving users the chance to prepare and practice in a risk-free, virtual environment.

This GPT is capable of posing random manual QA interview questions which let users experience a variety of potential inquiries that may occur during a real-life manual QA job interview.

The GPT gives tasks typically encountered during manual QA interviews, further allowing users to familiarize themselves with the expectations and demands of the role.

It also features a list of 10 common manual QA interview questions for targeted preparation. This tool requires the user to have ChatGPT Plus, suggesting it has enhanced capabilities beyond the baseline model, providing an interactive, conversational and responsive mock interview experience.

Its a product of Iter Academy, appearing to be a part of their initiative to assist individuals aiming to secure a role in the field of manual QA. Thus, the Manual QA Interview Assistant GPT functions as both an interview practice tool and an educational instrument for manual QA aspirants.


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Manual QA Interview Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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