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ByYuqing Wang
Mock interview and prep guide for med residency candidates.
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Sample prompts:
Can you simulate a mock interview for internal medicine?
How should I answer 'Tell me about yourself'?
What are common mistakes in residency interviews?
What questions should I ask at the end of an interview?
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MedCoach is a GPT that is designed to assist with preparation for medical residency interviews. It provides an innovative platform to simulate mock interview scenarios targeted towards internal medicine.

In addition to this, MedCoach offers guidance on how to aptly respond to frequently asked queries such as 'tell me about yourself'. It is also equipped to provide insight into common interview pitfalls that candidates may encounter and how best to avoid them.

Furthermore, MedCoach assists in formulating substantial questions that candidates could consider posing at the end of their interviews, contributing to a comprehensive and fruitful discussion with future potential employers.

By signing up for MedCoach, users get the opportunity to interact directly with this tool for an enhanced preparation experience, which requires a ChatGPT Plus account.

In essence, MedCoach serves as a strategic preparation guide, lending an expert hand in helping medical candidates ace their residency interviews with confidence and surety.


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