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Your personal meeting transcript analyst.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to distill your meeting?
Sample prompts:
Summarize the key points, decisions, and outcomes from this meeting transcript.
Create a JIRA-compatible task file from this meeting's action items. Should this be for a single task or multiple tasks?
Provide a report on the frequency of topics discussed in this meeting for trend analysis.
Generate a participant contribution report detailing each member's input from the transcript.
Analyze and report the overall sentiment of the meeting based on the discussion tone."
Record and list the key decisions made in this meeting, including the decision-makers and expected outcomes.
Compile all the questions asked during this meeting into a list for follow-up.
Format the minutes of this meeting into a structured document suitable for distribution.
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Meeting Analyst is a GPT that provides comprehensive analysis of meeting transcripts. It operates on top of ChatGPT, functioning as an 'app' that extends the functionality of the base AI model.

The primary function of Meeting Analyst is to distill essential information from meeting transcripts. It can be asked to create task lists in a JIRA-compatible format, summarise key points, decisions, and outcomes of a meeting, and compile action items.

This makes it easier for individuals and teams to review meetings, ensuring critical information is not missed.In addition to these tasks, the tool offers the ability to perform a trend analysis based on the frequency of topics discussed during the meeting.

It can also generate contribution reports, detailing each participant's input, which can be insightful for understanding the dynamics of a meeting or a series of meetings.Sentiment analysis is another important feature of Meeting Analyst.

By evaluating the tone of the discussions, it provides reporting on the overall sentiment of the meeting. This can offer valuable insights into the atmosphere and emotional dynamics of the meeting.Furthermore, the GPT can record and list key decisions made in the meeting, including the decision-makers and expected outcomes.

It can also compile all questions asked into a list for easier follow-up.The tool can also format meeting minutes into a structured document, making them suitable for distribution.

This offers convenience in transcribing and sharing meeting details.Meeting Analyst recommends disabling the data share option for privacy, highlighting their focus on safe and private usage of AI tools.


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