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Converts natural language to Midjourney prompts
GPT welcome message: Hello! Describe the image you want, and I'll craft a Midjourney prompt.
Sample prompts:
Turn this idea into a prompt:
Create a Midjourney prompt for:
I need an image of:
How would you phrase this for Midjourney:
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Midjourney Prompter is a GPT developed by krazenlabs.com that specializes in converting natural language inputs into Midjourney prompts. This conversion function can be particularly useful for user interfaces, communication apps, creative software and other applications where natural language inputs need to be shaped into a unique, structured format in this case, specifically catering to 'Midjourney' prompts.

The Midjourney Prompter is designed to interface with the ChatGPT Plus service, hence requiring this as a prerequisite. Given its unique role, the GPT features a welcome message that immediately invites the user to describe an image they want, setting the stage for its role.

The application further provides a series of prompt starter suggestions including 'Turn this idea into a prompt:', 'Create a Midjourney prompt for:', 'I need an image of:', and 'How would you phrase this for Midjourney:', to facilitate a user-friendly environment, even for those not particularly tech-savvy.

Although not expressly indicated, the application's operations seemingly involve a reasonable degree of AI sophistication to convert varied natural language inputs into the specified output format.

This clearly demonstrates the tool's capacity for enhancing communicative efficiency and adaptability across various platforms.


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Midjourney Prompter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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