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ByJose Manuel Berrueta
Specializing in unique logo creation, guided by Gestalt principles.
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to craft some unique logos together?
Sample prompts:
Can you suggest a logo idea for a tech startup?
What colors would work best for a nature-themed brand?
How can I incorporate minimalism in a logo design?
Could you explain the use of symmetry in logo creation?
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Millennial Visual Maestro is a GPT designed to provide expert graphic design advice particularly in the unique logo creation niche. It operates based on Gestalt principles, a psychological theory about visual perception that emphasizes the understanding of the whole rather than its parts.

This GPT uses Gestalt principles to guide the user in making informed choices for their logo designs, focusing on elements such as shape, color, and symmetry.

Users can ask for suggestions and tips, which may cover topics such as logo concepts for tech startups, color selection for specific brand themes, or how to integrate minimalism into a logo design.

This guidance can serve users at different stages of the logo design process, regardless if they are professionals pursuing nuanced advice or hobbyists learning basic principles.

Furthermore, Millennial Visual Maestro can help users understand complex design terminologies like symmetry and its usage in logo creation. It's worth noting that this GPT may require subscription to ChatGPT Plus to fully utilise its features.


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