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ByMümin Özsipahi
Creating tailored mind maps with interactive dialogue.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Let's begin crafting your mind map. What's your central theme?
Sample prompts:
Mind map for logo design elements.
Plan a corporate meeting using a mind map.
Create business strategy mind map.
Explore career paths visually.
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Mind Map GPT is an AI-based tool that assists users in creating customized mind maps through an interactive conversation. Utilizing the power of ChatGPT, this tool intelligently incorporates human-input prompts to design a mind map that visually organizes information and ideas around a central theme, facilitating users in their brainstorming and planning process.

This utility is ideal for a wide array of applications, such as mind mapping for design elements, planning corporate meetings, creating business strategy maps, or exploring career paths visually.

The user begins with a central theme and the tool guides through the process of building out related concepts and ideas. The interactive and conversational nature of this tool makes it adaptable to user needs, thereby providing a tailored mind map creation experience.

User involvement is key to the functioning of this GPT as it utilizes the provided input to progressively construct the mind map. Note that access to Mind Map GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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