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ByYoupeng Tang
Elevating self-learning with real-time mind maps.
Sample prompts:
How to choose a fund manager?
Do humans have free will?
What is deep learning?
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Mindmap is a GPT that leverages the innovative concept of intertwining self-learning with real-time mind maps and automatic topic expansion. Unlike the conventional interaction offered by traditional ChatGPT, Mindmap aims to transcend the disjointed and linear fashion of knowledge extraction.

The tool is designed to provide a more structured, coherent, and expansive understanding of diverse topics. By generating mind maps which dynamically evolve and branch out as more aspects of a subject are explored, this GPT creates an interactive and comprehensive learning environment for users.

Also, it deploys automatic topic expansion, which supplements the user's queries with additional relevant context, driving towards a broader and more nuanced flow of information.

The GPT also provides users with stimulating prompt starters, such as 'How to choose a fund manager?', 'Do humans have free will?' and 'What is deep learning?', designed to encourage inquisition and critical thinking.

Note that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for operation, emphasizing its position as a supplementary tool that maximizes the potential of the parent ChatGPT.

Mindmap serves users best in visualizing complex ideas, understanding underlying concepts, bridging knowledge gaps, or even brainstorming for content creation and exploration of various subjects.

It contributes to the learning process by offering users a dynamic and intuitive platform to self-educate, research, and broaden their perspective on given topics.


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Mindmap was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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