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ByShuai Li
Create a MindMap from an article or a URL link.
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MindMap is a GPT that facilitates the creation of mind maps from articles or URL links. It primarily functions by converting the textual data extracted from a specified link into a structured mind map.

This GPT is designed to help users distill complex information into an easily digestible format. MindMap uses the underlying technology of ChatGPT to analyse the contents of articles, documents, or any accessible text on the web.

After parsing the text, it then generates a visual representation of the essential points in the form of a mind map. The result is a succinct snapshot of key ideas and themes, presented in an interconnected visual layout.

It's a highly effective tool for synthesizing and understanding complex textual data and is particularly useful for researchers, students, content creators, or anyone needing to quickly grasp the main concepts of any given piece of text.

With MindMap, summarizing long-text documents and articles becomes a streamlined and efficient process. Please note, usage of MindMap requires ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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