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ByYingyuan LIn
A networking aide for connecting with professionals.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to expand your network?
Sample prompts:
How do I start a conversation with an alum?
What's a good icebreaker for a recruiter?
Can you draft a message asking for a reference?
Give me tips for a networking event.
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Network Navigator is a GPT designed as an aid for effective professional networking. It operates atop ChatGPT platform, serving as a supportive tool in expanding and maintaining business connections.

The fundamental role of Network Navigator is to guide users through the process of initiating, conducting, and maintaining meaningful dialogues with industry professionals.

This proves particularly advantageous for individuals seeking to develop their careers, strengthen their business networks, or seize new professional opportunities.Network Navigator serves as a reliable support system, offering advice and providing potential conversation starters.

It addresses queries ranging from how to initiate dialogues with alums, to giving tips and ideas for ice breakers for recruiters. Moreover, Network Navigator can also assist you in drafting professional messages, such as requests for professional references.

Network Navigator is user-friendly and offers guidance that grounds complex networking scenarios into accessible, actionable advice. Please note that this GPT tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to operate.


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